The Role Of Adult Organ-Specific Stem Cells and Cell-Cell Communication in the Epigenetic Modulation of All Human Diseases: The Powerful Influence Of Evolutionary Changes on Human Nutrition & Diets

James E. Trosko, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Dept. Pediatrics & Human Development, Cllege of Human Medicine, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan 48824, USA, E-mail: [email protected]   Understanding human health and acute & chronic diseases depends on understanding the nature of homeostatis in multi-cellular organism and how three mechanisms of toxicity can cause disruption of cell

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Global Bioethical Prevention of the Collision of Biological and Cultural Evolution on Miserable Human Survival

With the cultural myth that science can only determine the way the world “is” (facts), while humanities, social sciences, lawyers, philosophers, and theologians must determine the way the world “ought to be” (values), those in position of global‐, national‐, and local‐political power make major decisions of the use (or non‐use) of scientific knowledge and technology.

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Global Health Crisis Caused by the Collision of Biological and Cultural Evolution: Pre-Natal Influences on Acute and Chronic Diseases in Later Life

In the context of finite global resources for sustained healthy human survival, population explosion, increased environmental pollution, decreased clean air, water, food distribution, diminishing opportunities for human self-esteem, increased median life span, and interconnected causes of acute infectious and chronic diseases, the need to understand the factors leading to human diseases will be necessary for

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