Câncer de mama: uma abordagem de medicina de estilo de vida (2020)

Abstract: Breast cancer is the most common female cancer diagnosis in the United States (excluding skin cancers), and the second leading cause of female cancer death. This article highlights the role that lifestyle plays in primary breast cancer prevention, breast cancer treatment, and tertiary breast cancer prevention. Current data regarding the benefits of a predominantly […]

O interactoma microbiano-hospedeiro oral: um cronômetro ecológico da saúde? (2020)

Introduction The oral cavity is of major importance for human health and well-being. Not only does it provide entry to the digestive and respiratory systems, but it also provides immunity, and a protective barrier from invading pathogens (Box 1). Approximately 700 oral bacterial species have been identified to date, with evidence of 296 species-level taxa […]

Doença inflamatória intestinal está associada a maior risco de demência: um estudo longitudinal nacional (2020)

ABSTRACT Objective Increasing evidence supports reciprocal communication between the enteric and the central nervous system in disease, termed the ’gut–brain axis’. Recent findings suggest a connection between IBD and development of Parkinson’s disease. The role of IBD in dementia, another insidious neurodegenerative disorder, has not been explored.   Faça download completo aqui: ARTIGO COMPLETO

Interações de exposição a drogas: a próxima fronteira na medicina de precisão (2020)

Drug–drug interactions are a known concern during medical treatment. However, in addition to therapeutic drugs, humans are exposed to thousands of environment-and food-related chemicals on a daily basis. The exposome (i.e., the total measure of environmental factors on the human body) is an emerging concept in the field of environmental health. Many chemicals have the […]

Câncer colorretal de início precoce: pistas iniciais e visões atuais (2020)

Abstract Over the past several decades, the incidence of early-onset colorectal cancer (EOCRC; in patients <50 years old) has increased at an alarming rate. Although robust and scientifically rigorous epidemiological studies have sifted out environmental elements linked to EOCRC, our knowledge of the causes and mechanisms of this disease is far from complete. Here, we […]

Disfunção mitocondrial na doença hepática gordurosa não alcoólica e doença hepática relacionada ao álcool (2021)

Abstract: Fatty liver disease constitutes a spectrum of liver diseases which begin with simple steatosis and may progress to advance stages of steatohepatitis, cirrhosis, and hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). The two main etiologies are—alcohol related fatty liver disease (ALD) and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). NAFLD is a global health epidemic strongly associated with modern dietary […]

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